Most Huggable: Australia Signs Kyoto, the "Corn Story," Global Warming Guy + More


Australia's new Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, signed the instrument of ratification of the Kyoto Protocol in his first act after being sworn in this morning, leaving the US as the only developed nation not to have ratified it.

What's wrong with the environmental movement? Here's one take on the topic; do you agree or disagree?

Dig in to the various sides of the "corn story" -- on one side, there's farmers, telling us they can't survive without the subsidies; on the other side, the rest of us who aren't fans of corn-based ethanol.

Produced and presented by the Coastal Conservation League, Global Warming Guy is a lighthearted look at the serious issue of global climate change.

The British government should introduce new laws to help IT vendors and enterprises cut their carbon footprint, environmental charity Global Action Plan has warned.

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