Most Huggable: 2007's Best Nature Photos, Remodeling Products, Solar Gadgetry + More


With the end of 2007 fast approaching, National Geographic rounded up the best nature photos of the year; the four main categories -- animals, landscapes, people, and photo essays -- received 150,000 submissions from around the world.

Mother Jones asks "Can the world survive China's headlong rush to emulate the American way of life?"

Take a look at this pile of waste; the huge collection of phone books, in the foyer of an apartment building, is a (sad, but true) testament to the fact that, these days, a phone book is only really useful for propping up your chair.

Check out the 2007 All-Star assembly of eco-friendly renovation products for any of us who are remodeling or improving our homes.

Your eyes are not deceiving you: this really is a solar-powered robot pool skimmer.

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