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Hot off the wire on Hugg: Fast Food Nation, the inspiring book now turned movie (seen at Cannes last week, starring Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette) is poised to start an all-out grease slinging war as the implicated industries fight back. There's even unconfirmed rumors of an organic Pepsi beverage defensive.

Americans are also awakening to the potentially large hazards that can come from some "tiny toxins": nanoparticles, which are now found in a broad array of products, are raising more health concerns as scientists try to zero in on their often defiant behavior.

Buenos Aires has activated a plan to divert 75% of its municipal waste from a landfill fate while formalizing the sorting and selling of recyclable materials and improving working conditions for sorters known as "cartoneros."

An online game called 3rd World Farmer, which calls itself "a simulation to make you think," is a miniature SimCity-like experience that lets players try their hand as subsistence farmers struggling year to year.

EcoShell offers a great example of a quick, cheap, low-impact building possibility. EcoShell dome structures are made from concrete formed around an inflatable and reusable Airform. These particular models were popular with Luke Skywalker's aunt and uncle on Tatooine before their untimely passing. They are not yet an option in 3rd World Farmer, however.

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