Most Adorable Renewable Energy Video Project Ever (VIDEO)

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Carrick McCullough, photo via Our Renewable Nation
Our Renewable Nation is possibly the most adorable project ever conceived to advocate renewable energy. It's an eco-video project helmed by the McCullough family, who are traveling across the country in a vegetable oil powered VW Beetle. They're visiting wind farms, solar installations, talking to companies developing sustainable technologies, and documenting all their interviews and travels on video.

Each of the videos stars 9-year old Carrick McCollough, the cutest kid to campaign in the name of renewable energy. And it's effective. Don't believe me? Just watch the video after the jump, where Carrick implores grownups to not blow it for him and his generation. How can we say no to this?

Damon Weaver
might have himself some competition on the most-adorable-child-reporter-ever front—Carrick is great as the interviewer, narrator, and star of the videos. So far, he's talked to a school principal that's installed a wind turbine, discussed the potential of alternative energy, and explained why we should all be using reel mowers.

The goal of the project is to distribute the videos to schools across the country for free, where they'll be used as learning materials that might inspire other youngsters to recognize the importance of renewable energy and living sustainably. It's a fine idea, a great cause, and packs a ton of potential--who better to relate sustainable ideas to kids then someone like Carrick?

Watch the rest of the videos on Our Renewable Nation's YouTube channel, and subscribe to their feed to follow along with the family's eco-friendly travels.

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