Mos Def Sings About Butterflies and Trees in New Children’s Project, Pacha’s Pajamas (Video)

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It used to be that nature was nearly a character in and of itself in children’s literature, so prominent it was. Nowadays, studies show that nature is being featured less and less in kid's books and popular culture.

Yasiin Bey, formerly known as Mos Def, is hoping to change that.

Bey is lending his voice and support to the new children's book project Pacha’s Pajamas, written by author Aaron Ableman, to create a musical story with a positive message.

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Ableman and the innovative Balance Edutainment team are working together to combine interactive pop culture and technology for youth and families. Their flagship initiative is Pacha’s Pajamas – which includes an illustrated book, along with a musical album, and Nature Superhero app.

Ableman hopes that Pacha’s Pajamas will teach children and pre-teens about humanity’s relationship with the natural world and our interdependence with nature and each other. The aim is to provide fun stories about animals and the environment, while encouraging youth to become "Superheroes for Nature" by playing outside, learning about wildlife and talking with their parents, teacher and peers about becoming better stewards of the earth.

Along with Bey, the magical hip hop musical album also features Poet/Rapper Talib Kweli.

Bey became involved last year in the project which brings together his love for great music, storytelling and positive messages for children and environment. Bey says,

It's not just the plants and the animals, but also connecting to one another. We're so dependent on the natural world. The natural world's also dependent on us. It's good to draw that relationship for young people and give that idea that as much as nature is dependent on us, we're also dependent on nature. If we don't treat it good, it's not gonna treat us very good either.

The Pacha’s Pajamas musical album and illustrated children's book will be released on Earth Day 2012. The Nature Superhero app is scheduled to launch on the summer solstice, June 20.

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Mos Def Sings About Butterflies and Trees in New Children’s Project, Pacha’s Pajamas (Video)
Rap stars singing about saving the environment isn’t something we hear about everyday.

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