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An area larger than Ireland is used to grow cocoa beans to satisfy the world’s chocolate cravings. Worldwide, factories created 4-5 trillion plastic bags in 2002. One Californian company recycled 20 million CDs in a single year, mostly of excess inventory computer software. In 2001, the average U.S. consumer added almost 50 new pieces of clothing to their wardrobe. And they drank (averaged across the country) about two packaged beverages every day, all year - 650 million containers! Curious about the behind-the-scenes of how other things are produced, used and disposed off? Stuff like– Appliances, Baby Products, Beverages, Cars, CDs and DVDs, Cell Phones, Chocolate, Cleaning Products, Clothing, Coffee, Computers, Electricity, Fast Food, Furniture, Gold Jewelry, Health Care, Housing, Lighting, Meat, Paint & Varnishes, Paper, Personal Care, Plastic Bags, Shrimp, Soap? Read the free online Good Stuff publication that digs below the surface. ::Good Stuff [by WM]