More On The Evangelical Climate Initiative


From the Evangelical Climate Initiative website, we'd like to share this brief excerpt: "As Christians there are three basic steps required for us to help solve the global warming crisis. Pray - seek guidance and encouragement from the Lord. Study - learn more about the problem of global warming and how it relates to your commitment to Jesus Christ and his commands to love our neighbors, care for "the least of these," and be proper stewards of His creation. (As a starting point read our Statement and see our Resources page.) Act - as individuals, family members, church members, and citizens, take steps to reduce global warming pollution". We note use of the word "crisis." The world arguably is consumed with many emergencies, large and small, short- and long-term. Climate change is all of these; and beyond that, continuous. So, perhaps "crisis" is the right term. At any rate, do check out the proposed action list at the site. via Earthwatch RadioEarthwatch included this nice quote in a recent distribution on the same topic.

"...Scientists may look at religion as not being powerful, but it really is. And religious people may look at science as not being powerful, but it is really powerful. So when the two come together and pull in the same direction toward sustainability of the Earth -- sustainability of the whole of creation -- then hope is rekindled.

That's Wisconsin ecologist Cal DeWitt".