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As we reminded you earlier, tomorrow is PARK(ing) Day - an international event that "challenges people to rethink the way streets are used and reinforces the need for urban open space." As Lloyd put it a few weeks ago, "Now it is beyond an artistic intervention; it has turned into a movement and a holiday, September 21." We want you to help document PARK(ing) Day events the world over, showing us by photo and comment what can be done in one day to turn places for cars into places for people. Going to PARK(ing) Day in your city (or plan on starting one)? Show us what it was like. Tag your PARK(ing) Day photos as "treehuggerparkingday07" on Flickr, and we might show them on the site next week! Or, you can always leave a message in the comments to tell us how the event went down where you are.

And, be on the lookout tomorrow for a TH Radio interview with Liz Ogbu of the San-Francisco based non-profit Public Architecture. Public Architecture, along with REBAR, who started the project two years ago in San Francisco, and The Trust for Pulic Land, is helping to organizing this year's PARK(ing) Day.

Happy PARK(ing) Day everyone!

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