More for your Green Wedding: Flower Petal Confetti

OK, yesterday we picked the dress, but what about that tricky subject of confetti: tiny, wet pieces of messy paper littering churchyards and sidewalks across the land. The answer is confetti made of natural rose petals, wildflower petals and delphinium petals. Used by Madonna, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Prince Charles at their weddings. Created by an English aristocrat at his Manor House estate in the English countryside. . Picked by hand. What more could we ask for? The Real Flower Petal Co. makes confetti from flowers that are entirely natural with no artificial dying or colouring. Rose petals can be dyed to match wedding dresses and colour schemes. You can put them in baskets, cones and sachets. A natural and biodegradable addition to a wonderful day. Sold online of course at ::Confetti Direct from Bonnie in London