More Fallout from Bob Lutz's Interview on the Colbert Report

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Bob Lutz's Global Warming Controversy Continues
Last week we posted about an interview that GM vice-chairman Bob Lutz gave to Stephen Colbert. His most controversial statement was about not believing in the "CO2 theory of global warming", which generated a lot of comments from TreeHugger readers, most of them falling into three camps:

1) Those who disagree with Lutz and think this is a really bad things (many saying they won't buy the Chevy Volt because of it). 2) Those who disagree with Lutz, but think his position on GW doesn't matter much. 3) Those who actually agree with Lutz (to varying degrees, from "total hoax" to "other explanations for the warming").

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GM Responds
Josh Nelson, over at HuffPo, just wrote about how Tom Wilkinson, GM's Director of News Relations, left him a comment to defend Lutz:

Increased energy efficiency and reduced petroleum use are desirable for a lot of reasons. There is no reason a three-dimensional human being (like Bob Lutz) can't be skeptical about global warming orthodoxy and still be wildly passionate about more efficient vehicles. Which he is, by the way.

As for GM policy, it is set by a board of directors and a senior leadership group, not by one individual. And you might be surprised to find that dissenting voices are welcome within GM. In fact, they are encouraged.

A few of these comments also ring of age discrimination -- not so good...

GM is as transparent as any company about what it is and isn't doing in the environmental area. So if you are interested in looking beyond your biases, please visit our media site:

Nelson responds to Wilkinson with a question:

Does GM subscribe to the fact that humans have played a role in increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere? Do you believe that this is established science?

If your answer is no, can you point out credible claims to the contrary?

If your answer is yes, why do you provide a platform for, and defend, someone who disagrees with established science?

What do You Think?
We're curious to know what our readers think about the whole thing. Does Bob Lutz's position on global warming matter? Please let us know in the comments below. Thanks.

You can also vote in our survey about this controversy.

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