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WorldChanging, along with Grist Magazine, is one of the Big Three green websites on the net (we'll let you guess who the third is). They have been working on a collaborative book for a while now, and we're very anxious to get our hands on it. In the meantime, we have to content ourselves with this update on the status of the book project. "Much of this material will be familiar to long-time readers, but some will be brand-new, and all of it will be newly-updated and expanded: not only a best-of, but a remix."
Worldchanging, the book will also include a lot more how-to information: hands-on guides for getting things done -- access to resources for making better decisions on everything from greening your home and transforming your community to investing your money responsibly and advocating effectively. We know that there's a huge need for better information on how we can each in our own lives have an impact (we know this in part because you keep telling us), information that transcends the trite formula of small steps (50 things you can do to save the planet; 10 things you can do to prevent asteroid impacts, etc...) to give us useful operating instructions for building our own responses to the problems the planet faces. This is something we've been wanting to do for a while, but have lacked the opportunity and resources to do well. [...]

This is going to be a big book: 400 pages, well-illustrated, covering several thousand tools, models, ideas and resources for learning more. It will have national, perhaps even international, distribution.

About this part:

Not many books like this get published. Fewer still are any good. Most of the ones that are good never even have a chance to reach a wider audience.

May we recommend this:


If the blurb on the cover is true, you could sell 84 million copies!

Just kidding, of course (we've never read that book and don't endorse it - we just thought the title applied).

You can even take a pledge at "I will ask five people to buy or borrow the next Worldchanging book to discuss together but only if 10 other people will too [At this time, 11 people have signed. -Ed]." Glad to see that PledgeBank is used for this kind of thing, just like we predicted five months ago.

Credit: Drawing by Wojtek Kozak.

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