More Details On Vanity Fair "Green" Issue


Thank goodness Vanity Fair had the sense to include our very own Graham Hill in their upcoming eco-issue or the recently revealed paper faux pax may have lost TreeHugger readers altogether. But given their wise selection of featured environmental leaders, the April issue will still capture our attention. fills us in on some details about what to expect between the (non-recycled) pages: George Clooney and Julia Roberts will star on the cover and in a photo shoot alongside Al Gore and Robert F Kennedy. Ms. Roberts will don the garb of a wood nymph and Mr. Clooney models a smart dark green suit. Other featured celebs include: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bette Midler and Edward Norton. TreeHugger readers will recognize George Clooney's Tango, to be pictured in a photo spread accompanying a feature article that describes his plans for Oil Change, a campaign to educate audiences and reduce dependence on oil. Thank you to The Fairest Tipster Of Them All. Via

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