More Big Ideas for a Small Planet: Sundance Channel


Commencing this evening is the first of a series of episodes of inspiring television. Sundance Channel and Robert Redford are presenting a new weekly primetime slot dedicated entirely to the environment. The program will be adressing some of the most important issues facing humanity, using interviews with forward-thinking designers, and features on green products and alternative ideas that are hoped might transform everyday lives. The lead episode tonight at 9pm E/P looks at fuel. You'll get to see drag racing fuelled by the vegetable oil from a fried-chicken tailgate party; a national fleet of bio-diesel cars; and an Indy pro test driving his race car running on 100% ethanol. (sneak preview available on US iTunes - follow next link). In future weeks the program, known as More Big Ideas for a Small Planet, will ponder the many aspects of greening one's live, from sport through work, and even onto prayer. As Robert Redford says "Tune In. Take Action. Let's Commit to that." Accompanying each program is Your Guide to Greener Living. Presented as both an online version, and downloadable PDF, this guide offers viewers further information and links on the topics raised by the TV episodes. The guide has been prepared in partnership with TreeHugger.As have other aspects of THE GREEN, Sundance's full environmental package, of which More Big Ideas for a Small Planet is but one aspect. See also Collin's blog, the What's the Big Idea? Film Contest, including an example film featuring our own Kenny Luna. As well asprofiles of our founder Graham Hill and THTV maven, Simran Sethi, alongside such luminaries as David Suzuki and Ray Anderson. And this, and of course, much more at ::THE GREEN.

PS. The site is bit Flash heavy, so give it time if using a slowish web connection.

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