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This year's Sea No Evil event , also known as the Sea Shepherd Art Show aims to bring art, music and the environment together under one roof in Riverside, CA. The location — The Riverside Art Musem. The date — Saturday, July 12, 2008. The acts — recording artist Matt Costa, DJ Shephard Fairey and art by over 53 artists will be on display. The event is co-hosted by RVCA, the Artist Network Program and Monster Media.

For those of you in the LA or Riverside area, mark your calendars now to come out to Riverside for a good cause. Musical acts include Matt Costa, will perform on the roof of the art museum and guest DJ Shephard Fairey. Captain Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, will be the main speaker of the evening. 100% of the proceeds donated and from the art sales will benefit the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS). Drinks will be provided by Sambazon, VeeV, and Imperial Beer. Art, food, drinks, music and all for a good cause.

The original idea for the Sea No Evil event came about after a whale-watching trip that was, according to Swinfard, less than 'eventful'. Swinfard went home and began to research the lack of marine life and what he found upset him, to say the least. So short of leaving his family and jumping on a boat to save the whales, Swinfard did the best thing he could think of. He got all of his friends together to host a great party and raise money to save not just whales but raise awareness about the current state of our oceans. His friends happen to include some great artists and the producer of Coachella.

During his research, Swinfard came across a video by the Sea Shephard Conservation Society that really got to the heart of the problem, so Swinfard contacted the group and the rest is history. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, by the way, is "committed to the eradication of pirate whaling, poaching, shark fining, unlawful habitat destruction, and violations of established laws in the worlds oceans."

After contacting SSCS, Derrick and Erin Swinfard got to work using their networking resources to do something good for the environment. They brought together a list of artists, businesses and the community to host the first art benefit, which raised over $30,000 last year.

This year the art will be available for viewing anytime for the two weeks prior to the event on July 12, 2008, where all of the art will be available for silent auction the night of the event. The event starts at 6pm and is open to the public. There is a $5 suggested donation at the door.

Monster Media is a digital imaging and services company located in Riverside, CA. They recently installed a photovoltaic system on their rooftop, and use 100% recycled poster board for printing whenever possible. They also turn off the heaters on the printers when they are not running jobs in order to save electricity. Monster Media also incorporates the usual greening items like changing all of their lightbulbs and using 100% recycled paper products, oh, and getting involved in social causes like Sea No Evil.

Derrick Swinfard is more than just a Prius-driving environmentalist. He not only put solar panels on his home, but also recently installed them on the building of his company, Monster Media. He uses his front yard yard for more than just a place to grow grass and even built a 1974 Volkswagon Beetle just for fun. Not to mention he spent his free time organizing a great party to save some whales.

Riverside Art Museum
Sea Shepherd Art Show

Join in the fun:
Riverside Art Museum
3425 Mission Inn Avenue
Riverside, CA 92501

$5 suggested donation

See you there.

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