Mom Writes Book For Kids to Help Stop Global Warming


What's a writer and mom to do when she realizes that global warming is real and that kids and parents need to be aware of it? Write a book for kids and reach them both at the same time! That's what Deborah Sherrell chose to do when she combined her love for the environment and love for kids in her recently published children's book, "Baby Lauren and Theodore". To break the whole process of global warming down to a child's-eye view the book explores the four seasons in a fun way while children learn the valuable role that trees play in the environment. And actually, the book stemmed from the fact that her daughter Lauren actually had a tree named Theodore, which helped her better understand and appreciate nature and the environment. Because as Sherrell points out, "...get them interested in loving nature early in life because global warming isn't going to go away and it's a huge problem, but we can all do something individually". If you'd like to give it a shot, it's available via her website and, of course, at


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