MoJo Special Climate Issue: Make Your Own Magazine Cover

mother jones climate issue app image

Image: Mother Jones
But Don't Just Look at the Cover, Read it Too
Our friends at Mother Jones have created a pretty cool app (Magazine 2.0?). They write: "We've made an app that lets you put your kid/cat/aunt/whatever on the cover of our issue devoted to the political and economic changes that climate change will bring. Send it to your friends, your members of Congress, even President Obama. We'll feature some on our site (if you give us permission, of course)." You can go play with it here, and of course, you should check out their special climate issue (November/December 2009). See also: A Lot of Hydro Power Depends on Glaciers, and We All Know What's Happening to Those... and Crap. Global Warming Could Reduce "Catch Potential" in Tropical Fisheries by 40%.