This mock horror film features a giant K-Cup Godzilla

used coffee pods
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The single-use coffee pod situation is getting so dire that one film producer decided to tackle it from a different angle, in hopes of catching consumers' attention.

Coffee pods need to go away. Sure, they’re convenient and can get a much-needed cup of hot coffee into your hands within seconds, but the inevitable environmental price hardly makes it worthwhile.

Mike Hachey is CEO of a video production company called Egg Studios in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After buying a Keurig coffee maker for his office and discovering how horribly wasteful it is, Hachey wanted to learn more about what’s actually going on behind the scenes of the single-use coffee pod world.

What he discovered was deeply disturbing and served as inspiration for his latest video production. Released earlier in January, “Kill The K-Cup” is a 2.5-minute mock horror film meant to create awareness about the lasting impact of non-recyclable coffee pods on our planet and motivate people to “kill the K-Cup before it kills us.”

What’s so ridiculous about K-Cups and other coffee pods is that they don’t need to exist. Making a great cup of coffee is easy, once you take the time to learn, and there are multiple ways of doing it that use reusable and zero-waste methods – a stovetop mocha pot, for example, or a single-serving French press. With a drip coffee maker, you toss a single compostable filter, as opposed to a horrible composite of plastic, aluminum, and wet coffee grinds.

Convenience is a lame excuse. Hopefully Hachey’s video will get people thinking about the importance of changing their coffee habits and why leaving a legacy of used coffee pods for subsequent generations will hardly be appreciated.

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