Moby Headlines Benefit for East River Conservation

Yes, you read that price tag correctly. The folks at the Coastal Marine Resource Center of New York, or CMRC, are very serious about their work on coastal conservation and public waterfront access, and they're proving that they have what it takes to fundraise with the big boys. Pop artist Moby (previously featured on Treehugger for his Lower East Side vegetarian hangout teany) will officiate and perform with vocalist Laura Dawn and guitarist Daron Murphy; guests will eat and drink and dance and schmooze. Funding for the event comes from a long list of sponsors and $100-and-up tickets. The crunchy granola types might not love the commercial aspects, but if it helps to support this very worthy cause, we'll take slick PR over oil slicks on the East River any day. ::Coastal Marine Center to Host Benefit via ::The CMRC