On MNN: Digital memories, ads from the future, On telling time, and is Wellness the new Green?

CC BY 2.0 Those Russian submariners had the right idea

A roundup of posts Lloyd Alter has written for sister site MNN.com about boomers, technology and more.

Who will save our digital memories?

emmaLloyd Alter/ A young Emma Alter/CC BY 2.0

Susan Szenasy of Metropolis asks: “In our mad dash into the digital world, what happens to our nondigital history?” I worry more about our digital history. I have almost no photos of my kids in their teenage years. Being an early adopter, I took all my photos at 640 x 480 on the first Olympus digital camera, saved the digital photos on a CD that I cannot find and even if I could, I wouldn't be able to play it on my current computers. The few printouts I did have are all fading to nothingness, like this one of my daughter, about the only photo I have of her from this era. More at MNN.

Are Christmas lights screwing up your Wi-Fi? I don't think so

lightsMichael Gil on Flickr/ Toronto Christmas Lights/CC BY 2.0

No wonder my Wi-Fi sucks; the most over-lit Christmas attraction in our city is this house down the street. And according to Fortune, Quartz, the Guardian, Gizmodo and just about every other website in North America and the U.K. is screaming, "Christmas lights could be slowing your Wi-Fi connection." Except they probably aren't. More in MNN.

Remember those ads that predicted the future? You will.

baby on tvAT&T/Screen capture

In 1994, AT&T, at the time a very big land line telephone company and heir to the Bell Telephone System, whose Bell Labs were probably the greatest invention engine in history, ran a series of ads showing a vision of the future, with the tag line "You Will." These were around the block last year but were just revived by VOX, which reminded me of my visit to Disney World in the early '90s where I saw them for the first time at EPCOT and was totally excited. More on MNN.

It's time we fixed the way we tell time

watchThose Russian submariners had the right idea/CC BY 2.0

Last week I missed a phone call to Belgium because the guy on the other end got the zones wrong. A few years back, I ruined a family vacation because I booked a 2 March start as Canadians do, 2/3/2013, where the hotel booked it as Feb. 3 as Americans do, 2/3/2013. Going to Greenbuild, I took ridiculous 6 a.m. flight because I got the a.m. and p.m. wrong when I bought my ticket. A modest proposal to fix this. More in MNN

Is wellness the new green?

GE ad© GE wellness bulb

GE used to pitch its LED bulbs on the energy savings; now they pitch them on wellness. It makes sense; Green concepts of sustainability and resilience were also hard sells in a country where discussions about climate are so politicized. But wellness — from Oprah and Gwyneth Paltrow to the yoga boom — that’s big these days, in both red and blue states. More in MNN

On MNN: Digital memories, ads from the future, On telling time, and is Wellness the new Green?
and really, are Christmas lights screwing up your Wi-Fi?

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