Mixmaster Moby Brews Up Tasty Teas

Disclaimer: I love Moby — his music makes me happy, so please forgive me if I go a little over-enthused on this one. Moby and his sweetheart Kelly own and operate teany, a fab veggie eatery in NYC. The place is brimming with exotic and tasty teas like "silver spring plum" and "vanilla berry cream," each lovingly hand-selected by Moby and Kelly. With a vegetarian and vegan menu designed to offer tasty meals that will appeal to eaters of all persuasions, the couple intends to demonstrate that vegetarian eating can be inviting and complex."One of my favorite things is when a non-vegetarian comes into teany and has our vegan turkey club with a champagne raspbellini followed by a piece of vegan chocolate cheesecake and says to me, 'Wow, I never knew that vegan and vegetarian food could be so GOOD!" says Moby.

Moby and Kelly are also breaking into the beverage market with their line of bottled teas. The line includes flavors; Iced Tea with Lemon, Herbal Citrus Cooler, Peach Berry Green Tea, Vanilla Berry Hibiscus and Green Tea with Ginseng. All of the bottled teas are lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar. Thank you Meg O'Neill for the tip and for introducing us to teany!