Missy Higgins North American Concert (de)Tour Webisodes


While Australian music sensation Missy Higgins tours the US, she's been taking a few green detours along the way, a number of which are documented in five Webisodes found in the widget after the jump. For those of you who have been living under an (Ayers) rock for the last couple of years, Missy is a richly gifted vocalist and songwriter that is the best thing to come along since sliced thin-film solar modules. A certified bike-riding vegetarian, she performed from Sydney for Live Earth and is expanding her environmental horizons via Prius visiting an alternative school that's going green, speaking with scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research as well as visiting draught-threatened redwood forests and flopping at various green hotels such as San Francisco's LEED certified Orchard Garden Hotel. Have a look-see along with her below the fold. BTW, we're going to bring you an exclusive interview with Missy soon so be sure to write in to george at treehugger dot com with any questions you'd like us to ask her.

These webisodes are well-done with Missy's music streaming in the background and give folks vicarious breaths of fresh air while Missy rock-climbs amongst pines, strums a tune along the Grand Canyon's lip and mountain bikes through North American wilderness. Turns out she doesn't even own a car back home in Melbourne, rather she's got a vintage-bike-cum-basket to satisfy all her transport needs. Hey Missy, we'd love to get a look at your rig, how about sending us a photo some time? We also really love the bit in one webisode when Missy talks about how, rather than being a chore or obstacle, what a fun project exploring for vegetarian restaurants is while on the road. We'd also like to give a shout out to Boulder Colorado's first "zero-waste hotel," The Boulder Outlook, which makes a fleeting appearance in a few shots but otherwise doesn't get a lot of screen time. Finally, it's great to see Missy carbon off-setting all of her flying.

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Mountain View Montessori School
National Center for Atmospheric Research
The Boulder Outlook Hotel
Orchard Garden Hotel

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