Missy Higgins Australian Superstar on Greening her North American Tour VIDEO 1 minute

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Australian superstar Missy Higgins, best known to America for her appearance at Live Earth and for ear-catching tunes playing behind scenes of popular television shows such as Brother's and Sisters and TONIGHT'S EPISODE OF MTV'S THE HILLS, sat down with us backstage at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City to talk a bit about the greening of her current North America Concert Tour. WATCH TOUR WEBISODES>> Missy Higgins North American Concert (de)Tour Webisodes Concerned about the carbon footprint generated from the many airplane and bus trips associated with touring, Missy reached out to Mat Morris, aka "The Climate Kid," a Business Consultant to Climate Friendly Pty Ltd who calculated how much carbon the tour would emit for travel, freight etc. The tour then used the services of Climate Friendly and Carbon Fund to offset the tour's emissions.

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