Mission Improbable: The Brit Who Lived in the Woods is Going to Live in the Jungle

Photo credit: Mark Basset, The Source Photography.
The young British adventurer Hugh Sawyer amazed people last year with his adaptability and survival instincts while he lived in the woods for one year. Inspired by his extreme camping experience, during which he raised over £2500 for the Woodland Trust, Sawyer has decided to move onto a bigger challenge, though this one won't allow him to continue the commute to his day job at Sothebys. An elaborate plan is being set in motion which will take Hugh to live in the South American jungle for one year. The expedition, entitled 'Mission Improbable', will entail Hugh 'trying to live as sustainably as possible, fishing, foraging etc. whilst still taking part in modern life via a self financing jungle based solar powered web site.' All this is in aid of saving the rainforests and raising money for Rainforest Concern. Hugh says the first phase of the expedition will involve jungle survival training in Guyana, then travelling overland through Colombia and Ecuador to visit Rainforest Concern projects and 'in so doing begin to get a broader understanding of the issues involved in protecting the forests.' He says, "Through writing about the projects on the website I hope to build an empathy in the minds of the readers that will encourage them to donate money."

Stage two of the expedition gets even more adventurous as Hugh plans to take on an age old challenge of climbing Mount Cotopaxi in Ecuador. Hugh explains the story: "The explorer and adventurer Paul Fountain in 1914 wrote about a failed attempt at climbing Mount Cotopaxi towards the end of the 19th century that resulted in himself, his Butler and a rather bemused Shepperd boy sheltering on the snow line with only a bottle of rum for shelter. He concluded that the only way to climb mount Cotopaxi would be by ladder! In the spirit of the early explorers I shall ignore the fact that it is possible to walk to the summit and make an attempt by ladder."

While the first part of the mission might sound improbable, this second part seems downright impossible! But those who doubted Hugh's determination on his Woodland challenge should be wary of dismissing this next challenge - clearly Hugh Sawyer is not one to give up easily. Hugh will be recording his journey for BBC Mundo - their spanish language weblog and hopes to show a film about 'Mission Improbable' at the Live Earth concert in July. While he plans the finer details of his adventure Hugh is looking for backers who would like to support him in this bold challenge. ::Be The Jam

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