Miss America Contestant Uses Stage to Promote Green Garb

miss vermont green dress photo

Photo via Steve Legge (via Etsy)

The Miss America contest seems like a pitiful waste of time considering the larger issues we're struggling to tackle. But the fact is, a lot of people still tune in to watch hot women walk the stage in bikinis. And while we hope that "I wish for clean energy" won't become as cliche as "I wish for world peace," it's kind of neat that one contestant is using the opportunity to promote environmentally friendly clothing to her adoring public.Ashley Ruth Wheeler, aka Miss Vermont, will don a gown made of hemp, organic cotton and silk, and recycled lace and beads.

Wheeler wants the dress to be a conversation starter. She wants to talk about going green and environmental responsibility. She also said it's important to buy local.

"I thought, ok, keep the money local, and also go with environmental responsibility; it's the perfect fit," Wheeler said.

The pageant is on January 24, if you'd like to tune in a check out the greener gown.

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