Million Campaign Homepage: Free Pixels for Doing Good


Inspired by the Million Dollar Homepage (the site that sold 1 million pixels for $1 each), the Million Campaign Homepage is after a slightly more altruistic goal. They believe that the world is already flooded with advertising, and in the era of global warming and other planetary ills, we need to evolve to a global public service instead of local private profit. That's why they're giving away 1 million pixels for free to co-operative Canadian organizations that work for social and environmental harmony. The result will eventually be a resource-rich links page, library, and "a space-station where social entrepreneurs can dock their spaceships". Instead of a competitive principle, where one individual or group profits at the expense of another, they believe in the co-operative principle where the health and prosperity of one is directly correlated to the health and prosperity of others. The pixels are allotted in 25 x 25 square blocks and can be ordered here. It's been rolling since last week; check out who's on the list so far and help create some goodwill for Canadian organizations doing good. ::Million Campaign Homepage via ::Hugg (energyenthusiast)

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