Millet Solar Pad: Batteryless in the Backcountry


After first seeing this rather dark and shaky video we’ve continually dug around to try and find you better pics. But none seem yet forthcoming. So we’ll go with what we have.

Millet, a French-based outdoor company, whom we previously noted for their climbing rope recycling program, exhibited this Solar Pad at the Summer Outdoor Retailer Show.

It’s like the showercap-style rain cover that many people use to protect their packs from inclement weather, but with a twist. A flexible solar panel is fitted that attaches to a cigarette bayonet connector, such as you might use to charge electrical gadgets via your car. Connect up a mobile phone and they reckon you’ll be charged in one hour, a global positioning system (GPS) in two and a camcorder in four. The weight penalty is 600 gm (21 oz) but you might save that in batteries. Plus, if you combine two of the panels, while in camp, charge times are said to halve.

More details might emerge in time for the Northern summer of 2008. ::Millet, via Spadout Video

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