Military Kids Find Time at Camp A Cure for Nature Deficit Disorder

When the National Military Family Association recently teamed up with a local 4H Group in North Carolina to create Operation Purple Camp they certainly had a tremendous reason for doing so. Because their efforts allowed the children of parents away at war to spend some time in the great outdoors while building, repairing and maintaining the refuge that is a part of Medoc Mountain Park in North Carolina.All told some several dozen kids participated, putting together birdhouses as one way of contributing to a greener world.

And with so many military kids struggling to cope with the daily difficulties of having a parent away from home, there’s no doubt that the bonds that are formed over a simple project like maintaining a trail means the time away at camp enjoying the great outdoors could have a lasting impact on their appreciation for the natural world.

Without question it seems this type of program could and should be replicated. Perhaps it is already?

Via: RockyMountTelegram
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