Miley Cyrus's Eco-lifestyle, Ashley Judd Locks Horns With Palin, Brad Pitt Caught in a Fur Feud, and More

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Good Golly Miss Miley you sure love to spread the message of "green" to other teens. The self-appointed eco-princess just got her driver's license and wants to make sure her choice of wheels are environmentally correct. So, she ditched her mom's Porsche Cayenne SUV for a new black Prius."I'm really into the environment; I'm always telling people to get more into it and there are different ways to stay green and then I'm driving, like, this big 'ole tank and I'm like, 'That could not be any hypocritical,'" reveals the teen icon. Like her or not, at least Miley's taking the intiative to show young people "green" (learn about other eco-conscious teens)is the way to be now and in the future. Learn more: ecorazzi

Fur Flies at Oscar Nominees

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Brad Pitt, along with his fellow Oscar nominees, are caught in the cross-fire of a war of words fur feud. PETA is calling for an Armani boycott on Oscar nigtht due to the designer's continued use of fur - even after Armani told PETA last year it would stop using it. The animal rights activists wrote to every nominee and bought a full-page ad in Variety urging attendees to leave Armani in the closet. Learn more: PETA

Ashley Judd Fights Palin

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The actress slams Sarah Palin for promoting killing of wolves and bears from airplanes. Judd appears in a new internet video (click here to check it out) for Defenders of Wildlife, saying, "It's time to stop Sarah Palin and stop this senseless savagery." In Alaska, animal hunters can shoot wolves and bears from the air, a program Palin supports. The Alaskan governor says these killings help to sustain the state's moose and caribou population. "Alaskans depend on wildlife for food and cultural practices which can't be sustained when predators are allowed to decimate moose and caribou population," Palin fires back to Judd and her team of haters. More at Huffington Post

Amanda's Newest Mission

Amanda Beard Swimsuit photo
The Olympic gold medalist brings her winning spirit to the charity world. Amanda Beard is championing the conservation of endangered marine life on behalf of Oceana, an organization working to protect the world's ocean. Now, she's signed on to be a spokesperson for the Mission; a skincare line developed by athletes. Instead of pocketing all the gold, Amanda will contribute a portion of money made back to her favorite charity, Oceana. Learn more: Mission Skincare
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