Miley Cyrus' Green Teen Scene, Matt Damon's Eco-Mission, Gossip Girl Goes Green, and More

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...Like it or not, Miley is suddenly the poster girl for the next generation's green scene. The tween superstar (who is all of 15) told me recently she's dedicated to being a positive eco-role model through her music and lifestyle. ...This week, Miley set-up her first eBay charity auction. She donated stuff from her closet, jewelry box, autographed photos, and a meet and greet with her -- which sold for close to $17 thousand. ....In total, Miley raised over $58 thousand to benefit her children's charity.

Matt Damon's Clean Water Campaign:
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The eco-hearted actor puts the spotlight on Africa's water crisis. As co-founder of the H2O Africa Project, Damon is helping raise money and to initiate clean water programs in the poorest areas of Africa. As Matt put it on Eco-razzi, "I learned that a child dies every 15 seconds due to diseases from dirty water. Of all sickness, disease, and premature deaths in developing countries, a stunning 80% is the consequence of bad or no water."
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Hanson's African Mission:

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...The mmmBop bros are all grown-up with a strong "give back" mission. Just like Matt Damon, the now twenty-something married trio is fund-raising for Africa. In Septemeber, the band kicks off their "walk around the world" tour. ....Hanson is calling on their fans to put together local walks in their communities, and for each mile walked, the band will donate a dollar to help fight poverty in Africa. "We are asking people to become leaders in the walk campaign. Host your own walk wherever you live, and help us reach our goal of 24,902 miles walked. The distance around the world," explains Zac.
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Gossip Girl Goes Green:
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...In the every bit helps department. The super-trendy Gossip Girl cast is doing their part to save the planet. ...The actors no longer use plastic water bottles. "We are trying to make a difference, because so many water bottles and cans are wasted. We all now bring our own mugs to the set," reveals co-star Blake Lively.

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