Michiko Nitta: Extreme Green Guerilla


Bonnie overviewed the RCA final projects earlier; here is one that caught our eye. Michiko Nitta's graduation project at the Royal College of Art asks "What is eco-friendly living? When we live in a period where the worst climate disaster is about to happen, how can we live the ultimate green lifestyle?" She proposes "a community of people called "Extreme Green Guerillas" (E.G.G.). Whilst going to extreme lengths to protect the environment, they try to enjoy a decadent quality of life by utilizing urban waste and biosystem. This consists of embracing emerging technology to develop the ultimate green solution." With three main parts.

Part1. Extreme Green Guerrillas communication:


"Extreme green guerrillas are against using the Internet or mobile phones for communication, as this method will tie them to big corporation. E.G.G. are also against conventional posting service, as it leaves a great CO2 footprint." Instead, Michiko proposes " hacking into the animal migration system" giving literal meaning to the phrase snail mail.

Part2. Extreme Green Guerrillas Food
"Extreme green guerrilla's food has to be resourced from existing materials within the local area. By modifying the urban vermin, such as pigeons and rats, extreme green guerrillas have created more edible and gourmet like delicacy. One example is an animal called Piguail, which is hybrid of Pigeon (vermin) and Quail (gourmet)." (shown at top).

Part3. Extreme Green Guerrillas death

"The Earth is too crowded for sustainability, therefore premature death is the ultimate gesture practiced by the extreme green guerrilla"
so she designs an earring that is ceremonially installed when one turns twenty, and that releases a lethal drug on your fortieth birthday. "If you know your life will last only forty years, how would you plan your life?"

Interesting question. Regine says "Michiko's point is not to say that this is the future she wants. Her role is more to provoke in a witty way, have people question their lifestyle and get the debate on green issues going." That she does. ::Michiko Nitta via ::We make money, not art