Michelle Rodriguez Recognized at Opportunity Green

michelle rodriguez accepting green award photo

Opportunity Green founders Karen Solomon and Mike Flynn, along with event producer Nicole Landers, present Michelle Rodriguez the "Eco Maverick Award." Photo credit: Opportunity Green
Actress Michelle Rodriguez is on a roll, a green roll that is. The star famous for her roles in both Avatar and LOST, is always on the lookout for ways to learn to be more green, and donates a significant amount of time to the causes she believes in. That's why she was selected by Opportunity Green, to receive The Eco Maverick Award at their recent conference in Los Angeles. The fourth annual Opportunity Green Conference, which took place September 22nd through 24th at Los Angeles Center Studios. The event featured addresses from Eric Garcetti, President of the Los Angeles City Council; Rick Ridgeway, VP of Environmental Programs & Communication, Patagonia; Andreas Schierenbeck, President, Building Technologies, Siemens Inc.; and Gopal Krishnan, Senior Director, Global Marketing Innovation and New Categories, and The Coca-Cola Company, among others. It was great to learn that Coca-Cola has a whole bunch of green initiatives, including "plantbottle" made from up to 30% plant-based material. Way to go Coca Cola.

Michelle was honored at the conference because of her involvement and support of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Though her tour to Antarctica had to be postponed because of a shooting schedule moving up—and she doesn't want to go for anything less than the three month "full experience"—she is lending her face and her name to the cause every chance she gets. Her latest mission: going to Australia to see the crew off and voice her support for the project.

michelle rodriguez sea shepherd event photo

Michelle Rodriguez attends and Dj's a Sea Shepherd fundraiser in Hollywood in October. Photo credit:Magda Rod

"I'm here to learn and absorb as much as I can about the green side of things," Michelle said as she accepted her award. Then, she offered this advice to the green community: "Conscious Capitalism is where we need to be headed. The corporations aren't going away, so we need to help them be more conscious and green."

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Her contribution to the white board outside the conference read: "Don't preach to the choir." She doesn't walk around with a know-it-all attitude though, she's the first to point out that she is green about being green and always stresses that she's interested in absorbing as much information as she can.

Opportunity Green is a great place to learn about the business of being green, so she stuck around to lend her DJ skills to the after party, and spent some quality time with the attendees of the conference as well as some of the Sea Shepherd crew that showed up. Michelle spent the rest of her first day at the conference listening to the lectures, participating in workshops, trying on eco sunglasses, and test driving an electric motorcycle.

michelle rodriguez kayu sunglasses photo

Michelle tries out some bamboo Kayu sunglasses, which donate a sight saving surgery with each pair sold. Photo credit: Magda Rod

She then returned to the conference the second day to participate in a panel about the importance of us all voting in the next election.

michelle rodriguez opportunity green panel photo

Chris Paine, Michelle Rodriguez, Marshall Hershkovitz and Richard Greene discuss the upcoming election as an opportunity for green energy. Image credit: Opportunity Green

She doesn't pretend to be an expert on the subject, and knows a lot of people don't vote because they are overwhelmed and need advice and direction in regards to who to vote for. That's why she has joined with this group of 25+ Hollywood Celebrities in supporting energyindependentcongress.us, a site that has compiled a voter's guide of endorsements for those who want a new green economy.

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