Michelle Rodriguez Joins the Sea Shepherd Crew, Courteney Cox Supports her Hometown, and More

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At Sea Shepherd's "Sea No Evil" art show, which included a silent auction to bring in funds for the conservation organization, the big news came from "Avatar" actress Michelle Rodriguez, who announced plans to join the crew on its next trip to stop whaling in the Antarctic.Ecorazzi points out that Rodriguez isn't the first A-lister to claim a spot on the ship -- Daryl Hannah did the same in 2008, and then said that scheduling conflicts prevented her from going aboard for an extended trip -- but that her support draws plenty of attention to the organization. (Via @dolphincode)

Ryan Reynolds to Narrate "The Whale"

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According to Variety, actor Ryan Reynolds will step off camera to narrate "The Whale," a documentary that follows the adventures of a baby killer whale who, after getting separated from his family, "endears himself to humans with his determination to make friends, which leads to laughter, conflict and unexpected consequences." Reynolds, Scarlett Johansson, and Eric Desatnik will also executive produce the film, which is set on Vancouver Island -- near Vancouver, B.C., where Reynolds grew up.

Mark Ruffalo on the Dangers of Fracking

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In an article for The Huffington Post, actor Mark Ruffalo speaks out against natural gas drilling -- a process called fracking -- which, he says, has put Pennsylvania's Delaware River in danger and is on its way into New York State. Ruffalo, who lives in "a quiet corner of New York State" with his wife, says that the process involves injecting "fracking fluid -- a mixture of water and some of those 590 chemicals -- into the well at high pressure to blast the rock apart and release the gas. A loophole in the Safe Drinking Water Act exempts fracking from regulation" -- which means that those chemicals could be making their way into the water supply. Ruffalo points New York residents to the NRDC website, where they can ask legislators to stop new drilling. (Via The Huffington Post)

Courteney Cox Reps Her Hometown Beaches

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While this year's beach season is in its last few weeks, tourism officials in the Gulf Coast are already looking toward next season -- and for Alabama Tourism Department director Lee Sentell, that means enlisting Birmingham native Courteney Cox for a public service announcement that promotes the state's coastline. Mother Nature Network reports that the ad is scheduled to air after "beaches are deemed completely clear of oil from the BP spill and before next spring," and that Cox will film it after she's finished with "Scream 4," shooting now. The tourism department plans to have Cox talk about some of her favorite Gulf Shore memories -- but don't expect her to talk about the clean-up efforts: Mother Nature Network says that "by next spring, beach ads won't mention oil."

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