Michelle Kauffman Closing News Prompts Search for Positive Green Architecture Stories

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In a week when we heard the sad news that "the queen of prefab design and marketing" Michelle Kaufman is closing her business's doors due to difficulties posed by the economic downturn, TH Blog Love scours the blogosphere for positive green architecture stories and thankfully we weren't disappointed! Click through for posts from BLDGBLOG, Dwell, Inhabitat, Guardian Environment and Jetson Green...BLDGBLOG: London Yields: Urban Agriculture by Geoff Manaugh
"How can a city like London be at least partially turned over to food production – so that London Fields might produce southeast England's newest yields of meat, fruit, and vegetables?"

Dwell: The Best of Small Spaces by Miyoko Ohtake
"The national architects’ association recently honored 20 architecture and design firms by naming them recipients of the fifth annual Small Projects Awards. The projects range from homes to offices to bus shelters but all share the theme of efficiency."

Guardian Environment: US unveils $4bn plan to upgrade public housing as part of green jobs project by Suzanne Goldenberg
"The Obama administration unveiled a $4bn (£2.5bn) plan to upgrade public housing for low-income Americans today, as part of an ambitious green job-creation project."

Inhabitat: Stunning Steel Foil Buildings Cut Material Use by Trey Farmer
"The Aberystwyth Arts Centre in Wales recently opened eight stunning crumpled steel buildings that utilize an innovative construction method to keep their material use to a minimum. Conceived by design/build team Heatherwick Studio, the special cladding system was installed on-site by forming foil-thin steel into structural shapes and then coating the inside with spray foam insulation."

Jetson Green:World's First Active House in Denmark by Preston Koerner
"The Guardian just published an interesting article about the world's first Active House. An Active House, as compared to a super low-energy Passive House, is a highly efficient home that captures more energy than the occupants need for heat and power."

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