Michael Vick's Notorious Kennel Could Become a Dog Rehabilitation Center

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It still gives the majority of us a sick feeling to think of all the pain inflicted on the poor dogs at Michael Vick's notorious kennel before the dog fighting ring was raided. Vick pleaded guilty to federal felony dog fighting charges and served 21 months in prison, followed by two months in home confinement. But in a strange turn of events the infamous facility may be turned into a rehabilitation facility for abused dogs. According to a press release from Dogs Deserve Better, the nonprofit dedicated to ending cruelty to dogs, especially those that are unfairly chained up, has taken a 45-day contract on the property that formerly housed Michael Vick's disgusting dog fighting kennel. The facility was sold off early on when Vick started feeling the pressure and has sat empty ever since.

According to Dogs Deserve Better:

The organization must come up with a minimum of $595,000 within 45-days to get the center started, and in order to raise funds they are asking for a public vote: should they purchase the property where dogs were not only chained and penned but fought and killed in order to bring light to the darkness and symbolically bring hope full circle, or should they buy property elsewhere and build their rehab center from scratch? All votes are $1, and all money will go to the Rehab Center.

Cast your vote and donation.

It's an innovative tactic for raising money without a doubt. The group has shown a spotlight on the disgusting practice in the past, stating that the illegal activity of dog fighting remains a real threat across the country, both in urban and rural areas.

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