Michael Jackson's Eco-Message, Ellen's Meat-Free Meal, and More

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Though the footage of Michael Jackson in rehearsals for his final tour was never meant for public release, director Kenny Ortega's This Is It--now in theaters for two weeks only--has been earning solid reviews from fans and critics. But while the behind-the-scenes angle gives fans a unique perspective on Jackson's professional life, does it address his environmental passion?Ortega says that the sold-out concert--set for 50 dates in London--would have included Earth Song and Heal the World in addition to the essentials (Billie Jean, Thriller, Man in the Mirror) because of Jackson's "deep concerns about the health and future of our planet--he felt the messages in his songs were more important than ever," and co-choreographer Travis Payne, according to Mother Nature Network, "believes the singer wanted to use the performance 'as a vehicle to continue to convey the messages in his music and visuals: the condition of the planet and how, as humanity, we've lost sight of so many things that are important to survive.'" Have you seen the film? Tell us what you thought in the comments. (Via Mother Nature Network)

Ellen Dishes on Vegan Cooking

Ellen Degeneres enlisted her personal chef for a lesson in vegan cooking last week, inviting Roberto Martin to her show to cook in front of her audience. On the menu? Field Roast vegetarian grain Celebration Loaf with grilled vegetables, mashed potatoes, and a red wine reduction. Better than Bouillon flavoring gives the sauce a savory taste while grilled carrots, asparagus, and mashed potatoes make it the perfect fall dish for your next dinner party, whether you're entertaining a crowd of vegans or a picky group of omnivores and herbivores. See Ellen and Roberto in action in the video above, and get the recipe from her show site. (Via Ecorazzi)

The EMA's Roll Out the Green Carpet

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The Environmental Media Awards celebrated its 20th anniversary with a gala that brought out stars like Harrison Ford, Calista Flockhart, Cedric the Entertainer, Ginnifer Goodwin, Blythe Danner, and Olivia Wilde along with green movers and shakers like EMA President Debbie Levin and Yes to Carrots CEO Ido Leffler. The evening's honorees included Sir Richard Branson, Jason Mraz, and the National Geographic Society, while film and television accolades went to Food, Inc., The Cove, Brothers and Sisters, and Disneynature Earth.

Sting on the Wonders of Winter

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Global warming has plenty of environmental effects--but what about the emotional ones? While promoting his new album, If On a Winter's Night,, Sting told CNN about his worry over shorter winters: "I think the winter, for the psychology of people who have lived in the northern hemisphere for thousands and thousands of years, is incredibly important. We need this psychological time to recharge our batteries, to rethink, to reflect. Without that I think we would probably go crazy. We need the winter, so I worry greatly about global warming. We need to do something radical to stop it." (Via CNN)

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