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At the Mexican Environmental and Natural Resources Office website, which has lots of information about events and an educational section with several documents on waste, contamination and recycling, we found this very friendly flyer: "100 tips to take care of the environment from home", prepared for children to start concerning about everyday details that can make a huge difference. It's a pity it's only available in Spanish, as it might work perfect for ecology classes at school.
Well, the thing is that by reading it, we found out that some of the stuff are maybe regulars we all Treehuggers try to do, but some tips were pretty smart alternatives that some might not have thought of. These are the ones we picked...Water:
When you are preparing to have a bath, place a bucket to gather the cold water while it gets hot. You can later use it in the cleaning of the house, the car or to water the plants.

Clean floors, walls and glasses with two water buckets; one to clean and the other to rinse. Take advantage of the soapy water to wash the toilets; and the rinse water -If free of cleaning products- to water the garden.

To wash clothes, use minimum amount of soap possible: aside from requiring less water to rinse them, the clothes last more.

Water your plants very early in the morning or during the night, as the sun takes more time to evaporate the water.

Never wash your automobile with a hose; use only one bucket.

Collect rainwater to water the plants, and to clean the house or toilets.

Never throw oil, brakes liquid or antifreeze to the drainage: they're highly polluting substances. Get informed about companies that receive the oil.

Periodically clean your lamps, the dust blocks the light.

Make sure the door of the refrigerator closes hermetically so that it doesn't use extra energy, and never introduce hot foods, since it will need more power to cool them.

The refrigerator is more efficient while thinner it is the frost: defrost and clean it to avoid it reaches a thickness greater than 5 millimeters.

Iron the greater possible amount of clothes in each session to take advantage of the accumulated heat.

Change the dirty filters and clean the dust and sweepings deposits of the vacuum cleaner. This causes that the device to work with greater efficiency.

Try to buy white toilet paper, since the color on some contaminate the water.

Tie up newspapers, magazines, sheets of paper and cardboard to facilitate his handling, and keep them clean and dry so that they can be easily recycled.

Squash packages and plastic bottles to facilitate their classification and recycling.

If you are traveling, choose destinations that generate benefit for small populations and make sure not to cause an impact on your surrounding.

Here's the link to download the document: 100 Tips To Take Care Of The Environment From Home (PDF link).

::Mexican Environmental and Natural Resources Office. ::Natural Resources Office Environmental Library

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