Metropolitan Martini: Late Entry to Waste of Packaging Contest

If you are enjoying a martini this holiday, make it from scratch. In case the Hardy Shuttle winebottle with integral glass was not extravagant enough, we present the Metropolitan Martini: two disposable acrylic martini glasses filled with martinis, of course packed in another cylinder of plastic. Eleven bucks gets you two martinis in various flavours that did not test well- the apple martini reminded one reviewer of a Jolly Rancher, and "Then, there was the chocolate. That was a disaster. It tastes like cheap diluted cocoa powder washed down with bad vodka, and I ended up dumping it after the first couple sips." The two stacked glasses are too tall for the fridge, and the glass? "Most martini glasses measure maybe 1 or 2mm at most in thickness, but this one is more than twice that size. Why? Is the structural integrity of a disposable glass so important as to sacrifice the quality of drinking out of it? Before you know it, you have vodka martini dribbling out of your mouth, because of the thickness of the glass."

So five and a half bucks gets you a lousy martini in a dribble glass and creates a pound of garbage. ::Metropolitan Martini via ::Trendhunter

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