Merrell Wants You To Get Outside And On The Road to Rothbury

Rothbury Crowd Dave Vann photo

Photo Credit: Dave Vann of Rothbury Crowd, 2008.

The Black Crowes, Ani Difranco are just a couple of the myriad artists booked to perform at the Rothbury Festival in early July of 2009. Some dude called Bob Dylan, and another, known as Willie Nelson, are apparently on the playlist too. We've mentioned Rothbury before, but it was the 2009 event's sponsor, Merrell, who alerted us to a full run down of the festival's green ambitions. Get yourself a cup of organic Rooibos tea and settle down - it's a long list. With prizes too.Rothbury Festival's sustainability endeavours include:
• any team member's travel is carbon offset against hotel stays, flights and/or automobiles
• power use for the main stage is also offset
• Festival attendees are provided with an option to offset their travel to the event through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF)
• There'll be bio-diesel and solar powered stages, light towers, and golf carts
• Porta-potty toilet paper is 100% recycled.
• Organic, veggie & vegan food vendors will be found throughout the grounds
• full service recycling is active at all offices
• all paper products are 100% recycled, including but not limited to printing paper, copy paper, envelopes and letterhead
• office printing is either two sided, or on the back of reused paper
• all offices use only reusables and compostable kitchen-ware, no disposables
• all office supplies have been replaced by their eco equivalents
• energy audits and monthly tracking have commenced
• offers organic and sustainable t-shirt and hats as merchandise
• manned compost stations available on-site
• cups, straws, and trash bags made of corn
• plates made of sugarcane waste, a.k.a. bagasse
• the Sustainable Schools Program will donate wind turbines to two local schools
• they promote public transport combined with lots of rideshare suggestions.

To pull all this off, the festival has partnered up with green event experts, The Spitfire Agency.

Merrell Road to Rothbury photo

Photo credit: The Road to Rothbury via Merrell

Sponsor Merrell is also contributing by providing staff with bicycles to commute into town on lunch breaks. They'll also provide a renewable energy charging station so attendees can recharge their mobiles phones and other small hand helds.

But Merrell are also offering prize packages of transport, festival entry, full camping gear sets, and even music CDs.

Get Outside
You might be wondering what's and outdoor footwear company, like Merrell doing getting so caught up in a music festival? Well, they have a campaign to leave the computer and television behind for a moment and Get Outside. For as we've noted before Americans are staying indoors in greater numbers than ever before. Which in turn is engendering a disconnect with the natural world. Not to mention that Merrell make footwear and clothing for a life enjoyed outdoors. Like a rain jackets completely free of dye, and shoes of hemp. Music, people, fresh air, environmental educational, fun. Why wouldn't they want to be involved?

For as the festival organisers see Rothbury: "It is a party with a purpose, guided by a bold environmental sustainability mission, and dedicated to running as close to a zero-waste event as possible."

::Merrell Get Outside at Rothbury
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