Mel Gibson Supports Rubber Recycling

Mel Gibson is not our favorite celebrity [hard to think of a celeb we liked less. -Ed.], but his latest venture gets our thumbs up. He has been roped in to back Green Rubber Global, a rubber recycling company which aims to use environmentally friendly technology to change old tyres into recycled rubber which can be re-used. If they're not being recycled, old rubber tyres are often incinerated, emitting large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere, or end up in land-fill – neither of which are particularly sustainable solutions.

Mel Gibson is claimed to be a minor investor in Green Rubber, but he is also expected to unveil plans to list the company on the London stock-market alongside the group chief executive and Malaysia’s 16th richest man, Vinod Sekhar.

We have seen how recycled rubber can be used for all sorts of things ranging from anything like bags and yoga mats to pavers and flooring, which further reduces the need for PVC, cement, hardwood flooring and other raw materials.

It looks like Mad Max’s days of burning rubber may be numbered…