Meet The Greens: TED's Animated Enviro Education


Chronicling the adventures of Mom, Izz, Dad, Mrs. Greener and more, The Greens is a new project conceived by photographer Ed Burtynsky and realized by TED and WBGH in Boston. The animated "online project" (the aren't calling it a show...yet) aims to get kids thinking about the world and their place in it, encouraging them to make informed choices and meaningful changes. "Through the animated episodic adventures, a blog, kids' mail, and regular updates, we will explore green living - sustainability, ecology, environmental care and social equity. We will nudge kids to research, to challenge, to discover, and to take action wherever and whenever they can." Though designed for youngsters, anything that rewrites "The Three Little Pigs" fairy tale using "straw bale construction featuring Nebraska-style load bearing and recompressed bails" and LEED certification sounds worthwhile to all, young or old, "green" or not. They've got one episode under their belts, and we'll keep watching to see how effective meshing animation with environmental education can be. ::The Greens via ::Hugg (VictoriaE)

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