Meet Double Impact's Biggest Contributors


After a few weeks of Double Impact, we're taking a look at who is making the biggest contributions. We asked the top 4 Double Impact users to share why they care about the planet and how they are using Double Impact to make their lives a little greener. Here's what they had to say...


Jason Eskin
1. Jason Eskin (@twothumbswayup)
Charity Supporting: WWF
Green Scale (1-10): 6
Favorite sustainable activity: Walking rather than driving.
To me, living sustainably means: Not making an impact on the environment, with the actions I take. Or, for every action that has a negative impact, performing a positive action to counter it.
What's been the most exciting part about Double Impact?: I can finally help/give back, without spending a lot of money I don't have.


Andrew Kamerosky
2. Andrew Kamerosky (@kamerosa)
Charity Supporting: WWF
Green Scale (1-10): 8
Favorite sustainable activity: Growing my fruits, vegetables, and spices in a community garden.
To me sustainable living means: Finding a balance between living a comfortable and healthy life that does not impinge upon others', including the natural world, right to do the same.
My biggest pet peeve about sustainable living is: Getting those around you to understand why it is so important to live sustainably.

3. Everett Tate (@__ataraxia)
Charity Supporting: Pesticide Action Network
Green Scale (1-10): 5
Favorite Sustainable Activity: Gardening.
What's been the most exciting part about Double Impact?: Seeing how little things can add up.
Additional thoughts: Change starts at the bottom, and wills itself upward. The more educated we are, the more noise we make, the more attention we pay, the more we can affect change...


Shirley Ng
4. Shirley Ng
Charity supporting: Healthy Child, Healthy World
Green Scale (1-10): 6
Favorite Sustainable Activity: Making my own recycled papers.
I'll admit, even though I try to live sustainably, I still: Rarely take public transit.
Reason for choosing this charity: All the causes are equally important and I love animals, but since I could only pick one, I picked HCHW because children are our future.

Inspired by these Double Impact successes? Jump in and start making your own impact this month by joining Double Impact! Remember, little changes can make a big difference for the environment.

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