Meat-Loving Music Fest Goes Veg For Morrissey

morrissey photo

photo: Mike Rushmore/Creative Commons

Details are a bit thin on this one, but three cheers for The Moz. Apparently the man who penned "Meat Is Murder" a good long while back (dating this author) while a member of The Smiths has convinced the Lokerse Feesten music festival in Belgium to not sell its horse meat sausages and other animal flesh fare on the day Morrissey will be playing. It's only one day out of ten but stiil...BBC reports the festival as saying that the veg menu will be "a welcomed catering challenge" and that its "food stalls will be serving you an array of healthy vegetarian dishes."

Apparently the festival had be working on booking Morrissey for one year and the shift to only vegetarian food on his performance day sealed the deal.

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