McKibben On Tour, Stops By New York to Inspire Letterman (Video)


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Big props to David Letterman for bringing on Bill McKibben earlier this week to talk to Letterman's 4 million nightly viewers about global climate change and Bill's project. has a savvy campaign to get the White House to put solar panels back on the roof after Ronald Reagen had them taken off in the 80s. Dave asked some sharp questions about nuclear power and political inaction, and Bill, as always, was ready with sharper answers that added some hope to the fight for an energy revolution.

Bill spoke to Dave about his new book, Eaarth, and what it will take to get us on a road to a low carbon economy. The crowd repeatedly interrupted with applause, especially when Bill spoke about President Obama using the occasion of 10/10/10, 350's upcoming day of action, to put the solar panels back on the White House roof.

McKibben is out on the "Put Solar On It" road trip, bringing Jimmy Carter's solar panels to Washington and tweeting, blogging, video-ing along the way. You can follow Bill at
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