Mayim Bialik on Green Parenting, Natalie Portman on Top Chef, and More

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Photo via The Sierra Club

If you're still stuck on Mayim Bialik as the crazy-hat wearing main character from Blossom, then you've got some catching up to do: the 33-year-old mother of two (who earned her neuroscience Ph.D. before deciding to go back into acting) is now the spokesperson for the Holistic Moms Network, and talked to the Sierra Club about her green parenting practices. On the keys to green parenting: "Gentle discipline. Not hitting, not yelling, being a compassionate parent to your child's needs. Raising sensitive, happy, secure children is the best gift we can give."

On pressure from kids' friends: "Their friends' parents understand his vegetarian and no-TV needs. I give him age-appropriate messages...When he's driving himself around he's going to make his own decisions, but fast food isn't something I'm gonna facilitate."

On bringing back the word "holistic:" "When people hear "green," they think mostly of the environment. "Holistic" evokes more about the way we care for our bodies, it's more of a personal-health philosophy that encompasses medicine, cleaning products, and so on. It's a more descriptive word of some of the personal impacts."

See the full interview at the Sierra Club's Green Life blog.

Save the Sealife with Pierce Brosnan

Marine Protected Areas (aka MPAs) keep sealife safe in preservation areas while increasing the number and size of fish caught in recreational areas, but a recent announcement that there isn't enough money for new MPAs inspired Heal the Bay, Surfrider Foundation, Save our Coast, and Shifting Baselines to join forces for a new campaign called MPAs Work. Also on the case? Celebrities including Pierce Brosnan, John C. McGinley, Amy Smart, Gabby Reece, and Simon Helberg, who all appear in the PSA above that encourages new MPAs on the California Coast. (Via Grist)

Celebs Tee Off for PETA's Save the Seals Campaign

PETA's newest Save the Seals campaign puts a lineup of famous faces to work bringing attention to the slaughter and skinning of baby seals: Pamela Anderson, Perez Hilton, Lucy Davis, Jennie Garth, Rachel Leigh Cook, Kelly Osbourne, Brody Jenner, Steve-O, Jorja Fox, and Tricia Helfer all sport the same t-shirt, showing a line drawing of a fluffy baby seal, with the tagline "End Canada's Seal Slaughter." Osbourne filmed a behind-the-scenes look at her shoot for PETA, saying of her distaste for fur, "I don't like the thought that something had to die so that I can look good." For the rest of the video, click the clip above. (Via Ecorazzi)

Natalie Portman Drops by Top Chef

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Photo via NY Daily News

Get a sneak peek of next week's Top Chef, featuring celebrity guest judge Natalie Portman, at Vegetarian Star. Portman, who's reportedly been a vegetarian, and then a vegan, and then a fan of ice cream cake, and now again a vegan, doesn't say in the clip whether she's off meat and dairy--but the faces of the contestants (who spent the previous minutes claiming their proteins from the steaks, lobsters, and lamb supplied for them in the kitchen) make it look like they've been given a challenge they weren't quite expecting. And since this season's premiere episode included the ousting of the only chef who made a vegetarian dish, we look forward to seeing what the rest of the chefs do when forced to rethink their dishes.

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