Maxim Publisher Planting Trees for 500 years

We'd like you to meet Felix Dennis, the publishing genius behind über successful lad-mag Maxim, "your daily guide to cover girls, babes, sport, fashion, clothes..", the critically acclaimed poet, and the environmentalist? A wild contradiction of terms, Dennis has us intrigued. The New York Post says it best: "While his empire has been built in part on products printed on dead trees, he has often waxed philosophical on a desire to become a philanthropist and restore a major forest to his native England." Turns out these rumors are true. According to Tree News, a magazine he funds, Dennis will spend the next 500 years planting trees. This feat is made possible by the Forest of Dennis charity, which will continue planting after his death. Dennis says one third of the "Forest of Dennis", to be the largest forest in Britain, will be established in his lifetime. He currently has negotiations on the table for a 30,000-acre piece of land in the heart of the English countryside. In terms of "products printed on dead trees," perhaps the recent news that the U.S.-arm of Dennis Publishing is on the market gives him more environmental clout. Want to learn more? His bio is here. ::The New York Post ::Tree News