Max Gladwell Storms Green Blogosphere with 10 Ways, and More


In the week that Max Gladwell stormed almost every existing social media site with 10 Ways to Change the World Through Social Media we are awed by the power and speed of the blogosphere. In the spirit of positive social change here are 4 more fantastic posts we've come across this week on taking action...Next Billion: Can Big Companies Drive Development through Enterprise? President Clinton and CEOs Weigh In by Beth Jenkins
"Yesterday I heard former US President Bill Clinton, Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent, and Archer Daniels Midland CEO Patricia Woertz talk about ways big companies can "create value for business and society" on a panel moderated by Brookings Institution Vice President and former UNDP Administrator Kemal DerviĊŸ."

No Impact Man: Growing your own food, Japanese style by Colin Beavan
"As you may know, Japan has lower per capita carbon emissions than any Western European country. For that reason, I asked my friend, Sean Saskamoto, who recently moved to Japan and who blogs at I'd Rather Be In Japan, to check in with us every so often. I thought we might be able to learn a little something about "happier planet, happlier people" lifestyles from Sean's experience there."

Planet Save: 80+ Environmental Organizations to Follow on Twitter by Alex Felsinger
"Through twitter, anyone can stay up to date with their latest efforts to restore and protect habitats, influence environmental policy, and curb climate change. Take the opportunity to tap into the thoughts of those pushing for change and perhaps find some ideas of how you can help."

Triple Pundit: Scott Henderson: Keeping Cause Marketers Honest
by Gennefer Snowfield
"A consciousness watchdog of sorts, intent on keeping cause marketers honest about their initiatives, Scott is not afraid to call out the culprits who employ it as a flavor-of-the-month tactic."

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