Matthew Modine, DJ Spooky and Boris Kodjoe on Earth Day

Artist and turntablist Paul D. Miller (aka DJ Spooky) is working on Sinfonia Antarctica, a musical/film performance based on field recordings he made of Antarctica's rapidly changing environment. "McMurdo [station] is like McDonalds -- I wanted to get deep into the ice fields," he says. After performing some excerpts at the Green Apple Festival in Washington, DC he spoke with TreeHugger about building a bigger tent for the environmental movement, the relationship of remixing to environmental awareness, and his obsession with ice.

Below, see interviews with actors Matthew Modine and Boris Kodjoe at the Green Apple Festival.

Actor Boris Kodjoe, one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People, says his companies keep their carbon footprints low.

Actor Matthew Modine founded Bicycle For a Day with luxury brand Tumi to promote cleaner transportation. We spoke with him about Earth Day, Hollywood, and biking backstage at the Green Apple Festival. "If you want to be an environmentalist get on a bike and become part of the environment," he says.

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