Matthew McConaughey's Organic Parenting, Angelina's Aids Charity, Paris Thinks Green, and More

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This new daddy seems to pride himself on his crunchy, laid-back parenting style. He has taken his newborn son, Levi, to the beach, to a John Mellencamp concert, and even to a photog-crazy red carpet event. But the latest on Matthew and baby Levi strikes me as bizzare - if not a bit too down-to-earth. The actor saved his son's placenta and plans to plant it in an orchard (it's true, folks). In an interview with CNN, he says he was inspired to do this after visiting Australia and seeing a tree that had grown with the placenta of a tribe of Abroriginals. "It's going to be in the orchards, and it's going to bear some wonderful fruit," reveals the surfer dude dad.

Angelina's Newest Charity
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People magazine paid Brad and Angelina a mind-blowing $15mil for the pictures of their newborn twins. ..Yet the eco-minded couple stated all the money will go straight to charity. ...As soon as Angelina adjusts to her new mommy state, she is planning to travel to Ethiopia, her adpoted daughter Zahara's native country. She hopes to begin work on an AIDS clinic. "We will be building a TB/AIDS clinic. One we plan for Zahara to take over when she is older," the actress told Britain's Hello magazine.
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Paris Thinks Green:
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First, she shook up the presidential campaign with her headline-grabbing McCain-spoofing viral video. ...In which she declared her solution to the energy crisis. Now Paris wants the world to know she' thinks green. The celeb-u-tart was spotted in her eco-shirt at a London airport. As for her "green" platform, well, she hasn't really specified how her jet-setting lifestyle is eco-friendly. But, we know she thinks the green message tees are super cute!

Sting's Green Shave:

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Stingwrapped up his Police reunion concert on a green note. The music icon hoped to set back the hands of time by shaving off his beard during a backstage break, and then reappearing onstage hairless. ...To ensure sure his shave was eco-frendly, the green-minded singer enlisted the help of the grooming product line John Allan. ...which touts their slick water pre-shave as 100% green.

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