Massive Change: Second Thoughts


This Treehugger has never been a fan of Bruce Mau. We thought the book he designed for our favourite living architect, Rem Koolhaas, was a massive doorstop. We could not understand why this guy who dips his feet into every profession is treated as a visionary instead of a dilletante.

Thus it was with great trepidation that we went to see Massive Change three days before it closed, primarily for a lecture on community windfarming.

We were wrong; Bruce Mau is a visionary. Unlike many such as James Howard Kunstler and this writer, Mau is uniformly positive, showing how changes in technology will deal with hunger, shelter, garbage, transport, energy. He does not doubt for a minute that there is the intelligence, drive and creativity in us to beat these problems. He lists the problems and attacks them. We left dazed but amazed.

Although the show has closed, the website is a marvelous resource, including podcasts of speakers ranging from Michael McDonough to Dean Kamen.::Massive Change