Margaret Atwood on Inventing the Longpen

The Longpen, an invention that allows books signings to take place without the need for an author to travel miles, has graced our pages many times before. From the Longpen Bookfest at the Green Living Show, to keeping Conrad Black out of jail, the concept has been saving emissions and opening minds all over the place. We’ve just come across an interview with the pen’s inventor Margaret Atwood, over at the Friends of the Earth UK website, explaining her motivations behind its creation, and the reasons she won’t be flying to the UK for the Cheltenham Literary Festival:

It's a two-way transatlantic flight for just one event. These days Graeme and I are cutting down on flying, grouping our events, taking the train when possible, and offsetting as well.

We certainly applaud Margaret’s environmental sensibilities, and we were encouraged by the figures on the Longpen website that claim a 48.95 ton reduction in CO2 emissions through Longpen usage since August 2007 alone! Of course those figures refer to author's individual carbon footprints, and don't necessarily translate to actual emissions reductions as the planes involved probably flew anyway. However, in a world of supply and demand, anything we can do to reduce our reliance on fossil-fuel hungry travel options will hopefully lead to reduced emissions in the future. Who says we can’t do things differently? ::Longpen::via Friends of the Earth UK::

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